Ari Edelson

Director. Producer. Creative Consultant.


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I am a director, producer, artistic director, and developer of new work spanning a number of verticals — theatre, opera, musicals, TV, and audio

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My Skills

Adobe Photoshop90%
Adobe Illustrator95%
Php & WordPress85%
3Dx Max & 4D Cinema80%
Adobe After Effects87%

Everyone at the Arlo Media office has had a success in the past when we’ve tried to explain what we do.

recent Experience

  • Jun, 2008 - Today

    Founder and Artistic Director

    Founder and Artistic Director

  • 2005 - 2008

    Director on Attachment

    Theatre Project Tokyo

Selected Press and Reviews

  • svg

    The play still emerges as powerful political theater [and] never feels static, thanks to Ari Edelson’s taut staging and the gripping performances.


    Frank Sheck, Hollywood Reporter

    Review of "Building The Wall"
  • svg

    Gripping storytelling, and powerful performances ... under director Ari Edelson’s well-measured direction.


    Frank Rizzo, Variety

    Review of "Building the Wall"

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